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SAP & SBEM Part L Calculation

Our Energy Certification team conducts Part L Building Regulations compliance assessments for domestic and non-domestic properties across the United Kingdom. Our energy models are based on industry-recognized 3D software that produce accurate energy ratings for your property and will provide guidance on how to maximize energy savings.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

All domestic and commercial buildings in the United Kingdom are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you own a home, getting an energy performance survey done could help you identify ways to save money on your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home. Our qualified energy assessors undertake energy surveys for any type of building across the United Kingdom.

Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show the actual energy usage of a building, its Asset Rating and Operational Rating, and offer information to the public about the energy efficiency of a building.

Water Part G Compliance Report

Under the Building Regulations, a Water Efficiency Part G report must be submitted when converting a building into a residence. A Water Efficiency Part G report deals with the sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency requirements of a building. Requirement G2 states that “reasonable provision must be made by the installation of fittings and fixed appliances that use water efficiently for the prevention of undue consumption of water”.

Air permeability testing

Air-tightness testing is an energy-efficiency measure that helps to create a healthier environment by reducing wasted heat and controlled ventilation. Gradwell Group offers on-site air-tightness testing throughout the UK for commercial and residential buildings. We also provide design stage air-tightness consultancy. Additionally, we offer SAP and SBEM calculations as well as post completion certification and energy performance certificates.


We can help you verify your ventilation system's performance against the requirements of Part F of the Building Regulations. Our engineers are accredited by the British Board of Agrement (BPEC) for domestic ventilation testing, which means that their certification is accepted by local authorities. We can perform testing alongside our airtightness and sound insulation tests, so you'll save time and money.

Thermal imaging survey

When it comes to commercial and residential buildings, the potential issues that can arise are many and varied. Building envelope leaks, poor or inadequate insulation, facade integrity assessments, moisture and substandard work are all costly to building owners. A thermographic survey of the fabric can quickly help you find where energy efficiency can be improved.

Accoustic insulation testing

As part of our Acoustic Consultancy division, the Gradwell Group’s acoustic testing team can help you with a wide range of acoustic assessments for buildings of all types and sizes. The Gradwell Group’s sound insulation testing meets all regulatory standards, including Part E, BREEAM and can be undertaken in buildings of all sizes and types. We can also provide acoustic fault diagnostic testing to help identify and resolve acoustic integrity issues post-completion.

Phase 1 Ground Investigation.

Phase 1 is where a desk study is carried out to see what records are available, such as old maps and historical photographs of the site, to determine if there are any potential sources of contamination at the site that require investigation. This Phase may also include a site walkover visit by a geotechnical engineer, who will look for potential signs of current or historical sources of contamination such as staining, asbestos containing materials, fuel tanks or scarring of ground indicating buried pipework.

Soakaway testing

We undertakes soak away testing to enable clients to design appropriate sustainable drainage systems. The soak away test involves excavating a trial pit, filling it with water, recording the water level at specific time intervals to determine the drainage rate, then repeating the process three times in accordance with BRE 365 Soak away Design.

Air quality testing

Our technical experts have substantial training, skills, experience and knowledge of monitoring and assessments in a wide range of indoor environments. We offer a flexible approach to testing with a variety of work patterns and testing protocols available to suit your organisation.


Our customization services (e.g. SKU building, bundling, localizing or kitting) will allow you to bundle precisely the components, tools and supplies that you need for a production or maintenance job, into packages.

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